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FinnGuru Travel Buddy
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It is so nice to explore your holiday destination with a companion. But what if you are travelling solo? Or what if you and your travelling companion would like a local to go exploring with you?

FinnGuru Travel Buddy is here to help!

Travel Buddies are locals of all ages and genders. They are from different walks of life, ordinary people who are fun to be with. They will be happy to go with you wherever you want to go! Travel Buddies know how to move about in your Finnish location and can help you  experience much more than you could relying just on your tourist brochure.

FinnGuru Travel Buddy is your local host. They will go with you grocery shopping and tell you the difference between different types of milk cartons or chocolate bars. They will hold your bag when you go into a merry-go-round or take photos of you and your travelling companion climbing the Sibelius monument.

You can book the Travel Buddy for just an hour or the whole day, it's all up to you. If you want the Buddy to accompany you somewhere where there is an entrance fee, you will be expected to pay your Buddy's ticket as well as your own. Travel Buddy is there for you for as long as you want, but they will not be paying their own way during their stay.

You make the plans and the Travel Buddy comes with you. Travel Buddy is an unofficial host for small groups. If you feel you need a professional tour guide or have a group larger than 4 people, do contact FinnGuru and we’ll be happy to help!

Book your local Travel Buddy and enjoy your holiday location like a Finn!